After Broc joined us in London we flew with the Kerrs to Casablanca, Morocco. The main destination there has to be the Hassan II Mosque (3rd largest in the world).

This picture gives a better idea of the size.

Then we took a long drive to Marrakech for the moment of the trip: entering Jamaa el fna at night.

The steamed sheep's head was delicious, though a tad unsightly.

Broc taunting Anna with the eyeball right before he popped it in his mouth.

Our riad was beautiful.

Headed out for a day of shopping

The food was delicious. Tajine. Couscous. 

Cats everywhere. Dagny loved it.

The tannery was the worst smell I have ever experienced.

Then we took a drive to Ourika Valley in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. It was beautiful!

Our outing included visiting a traditional Berber home.

The boys

Child crossing one of many sketchy bridges

Camel ride

Poppies and donkeys

Sheep and shepherd

Final view of Casablanca and the mosque


6 months later

I have had these pictures sitting ready to post since October and I wanted to get them up here before I invaded the internet with our trip this month.

Family came to visit! Amy (my younger sister) and her children- plus my parents- drove from Arizona.

Kubota Gardens for my parents who lived in Japan once upon a time.

Gorgeous cousins and dahlia

Apple picking cousins

Easily distracted

Off to choose pumpkins

Dahlias are definitely some of my favorites


September 2014

Labor Day was spent at Stevens Pass with the Serafins.

Downhill Biking Boys

Little Riders

Big Riders

School started for Rune.

My dahlias have been busy all month.


Evening fires at the beach were mandatory.

Dagny started *school*.

We watched some Husky football.

We hit the Washington State Fair.

My BFFs (truly, since we were children!) came to visit!

Amongst many other things packed into a few days, we hiked to Twin Falls,


...and saw Eddie Vedder! This was the one thing on my bucket list from when we originally moved to Seattle in 2008 that I hadn't done when we moved back to Arizona. Needless to say, I was thrilled to catch a glimpse of him at his beach house.

 And I was so thrilled that my girlfriends finally came for a visit!