Oklahoma is OK

We finally got the chance to visit our beloved Cronks in Enid, Oklahoma. It was my first time visiting OK and the first time in over a year that we have seen Eric, Hillarie, Olivia, and Frances. Rune fell in love with Frances (don't worry, Lily, they're cousins) and had so much fun. There was a Breakfast with Santa and to my GREAT surprise, Rune walked right up to Santa and gave him a hug. He even talked to Santa.

Franny, on the other hand, responded a little more the way I expected Rune to.

The last day we were there, an ice storm hit, church was cancelled, and we got to play a bit before heading to the airport.

It was such a great time and it just rekindled our love for our small-town relatives. haha
PS While there, I tried to go running with Ms. Super Runner herself. Running is definitely an acquired taste, but thanks for letting me try, Hill.



I have been waiting to feel inspired. Pete and RePete pictures of us hiking was just not doing it for me. Then this weekend we headed up to the White Mountains to cut a Christmas Tree with Nat & Eda and Girls. (SHOUT OUT TO ANNIE LEWIS- #1 Hostess)

It snowed on us as we tromped around and it was just perfect.

I posted this next picture and it reminded me that Hillarie tagged me with an All-about-Hubby tag. So I better follow through on that one.

What's his name? Broc Allen Hendershott

How long have you been together? 7 years- Our 7 year Anniversary will be May 15th

How long did you date? almost 3 weeks

How old is he? 29

Who eats more? Is the meal chicken salad and bananas? If so, definitely me.

Who said 'I love you' first? I did.

Who is taller? Broc- he is a perfect 6'0

Who sings better? Quality- Broc. Years of mediocre singing in choirs- me.

Who is smarter? Broc is smarter, but I have a bigger vocabulary to talk about things I know nothing about.

Who does the laundry? Me. Speaking of...

Who does the dishes? It used to be that Broc cooked and I did the dishes- a partnership of sorts. Now I just do both and that works too because I actually want to become a better cook, and Broc still hates doing dishes.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Broc.

Who pays the bills? I set up all the AutoPays, so does that count? Otherwise, I am definitely the accountant.

Who mows the lawn? I used to, but then we moved to a house with a sloped yard- which is not as fun to mow.

Who cooks dinner? Mostly me, but Broc is the true talent in the family

Who drives when you are together? Always Broc.

Who is more stubborn? I refuse to answer that. EVER.

Who kissed who first? He did, but it was after I asked why he hadn't yet. And he hadn't yet because I told my friend to tell his friend to tell him that I didn't want to complicate things. HAHAHAHA. It still makes me laugh.

Who asked who out first? He asked me out on our one and only proper date.

Who proposed? He did the official down-on-one-knee proposal, but I proposed the idea of getting to know each other as man and wife, rather than the traditional BF/GF courtship.

Who is more sensitive? Neither of us is particularly sensitive, but only Stalin could be considered less sensitive than Broc (and that is partially because he is no longer living).

Who has more friends? Me, unless we are going by total BMI.

Who has more siblings? 7-4 in my favor

Who wears the pants in the family? I think his family would say me. Okay, so would he. And I would have to as well. By the way, I was almost completely joking about the Stalin comment.

Hillarie, thanks for giving me a chance to brag about my favorite guy and how we came to be.

I tag Vanessa, Leslie, Raquel, Tamara, Katie, and Monica.

PS Thanksgiving was a blast- you can catch all the 411 on my SIL's blog. Sommer was the family photog for that weekend. Thanks, Som.


A Cold Front and The Hendershotts...

Spent time on the East Coast last week. What fun. Visiting the Chaffees in good ol' Royersford, PA and the Wheelers in Maryland. I got to surprise Colleen at 7 am on Saturday morning. So much fun. Love all those kids. And Rune does too!
PS I do have a husband and next time he will be there with us. Love you, Babe!

Tit for Tat

I had almost forgotten about this gem of a pic until Lee posted the precious picture of post-Roscoe's Blake. While the abundance of quantity and lack of quality of food is in and of itself worth commentary, I can't fail to mention the fact that this picture was taken at 11:30 pm. To be fair, the frosty shake in the foreground is mine and Vanessa's. The rest belongs to Lee and his GI tract.


Lyle LOVE-it

This picture is for Vanessa. I have no idea how we came across it, but it was love at first sight. Thanks for a fun time in the FREEZING weather.

More on the trip later when I download my pics.


Not exactly newsworthy

Life is good. There is nothing of amazing importance to share, but I have been busy reveling in the small joys of life. Rune's birthday is tomorrow. We have been celebrating it Hanukkah-style, with a present and/or outing everyday. (Colleen pointed out that he really needs a sibling.)

We have gone to the zoo a couple times, which I enjoy as much as Rune does. Props to Eda for braving the zoo with me. And thanks to Lindsay for "riding the train" with me.

Highlights also include hiking Camelback a couple times (AGAIN thanks to Eda, and Broc, who carried Rune) and Broc getting attacked/bitten by a neighbor's dog. That guy was a JERK. And I hope he reads this.

Rune always has fun going over to Breklyn, Brindli and Brixan's house, and it's not just because they have fun toys...

And here he is last night for Halloween (thanks for the great costume, Payton!)


What's New, Pussycat?

Well, for one thing, my sister Amy had her baby on Oct 2nd I got to be there. AMAZING! I felt very privileged to be present for Cora's birth. Amy was a powerhouse. Adam's wife Leticia is due anyday (well, technically she was due last Saturday...) and we are very excited for her.

We watched Conference in Greer. It was a bit cold, but worth the time spent with each other and my parents.
Rune is going to be 3 soon and I can't believe my baby is getting so big. He keeps us laughing all the time. Here he is with a snake he caught in Greer.

I am teaching 3 nights a week now, so we are feeling busy. Broc is being very good about me doing the classes, and he is happy I bought him a new mountain bike. Win, win.
Not much else. We are counting the days to Christmas because the Wheelers will be here. YEA!



Tag, You're It

Okay, so are these supposed to be 7 things that no one knows about me? Or 7 things I am proud of? Or about which I should be embarrassed? I am not sure, so maybe I will do a medley.

1. Ummm, hm. Well, something no one knows about me...(except the Chaffees): I have never liked being asked "What do you do?" Until I became a mom who taught childbirth classes on the side. It is not like I was ever a human smuggler, or anything, I was just never thrilled about my vocations.

2. No one knows that I get really peeved when I pay money to eat gross food. The combination of wasted money and yucky food is just too much to bear and I get really grumpy about it. Okay, the Chaffees knew that one too.

3. I am proud of the fact that I am good with names. Not like idiot-savant memory, or anything, I just usually remember people (maybe I am just comparing myself to my beloved Lindsay).

4. I am proud that I don't color my hair. I can't say I have never colored my hair- the truth is that in fifth grade I had hot pink hair for a couple weeks. Other than the pink fiasco, I just don't color my hair because a) I actually like the color of my hair b) I am way too lazy and cheap to keep up highlights c) It would look terrible.

5. I should be embarrassed of the fact that I blog, because I truly love to hate the blogs. They are the oddest phenomenon and I am just wondering how long it will last and what the real ramifications on relationships (friendships/acquaintances) will be.

6. I should be embarrassed of the fact that I am the least creative woman you will ever meet. I can not decorate a house, nor coordinate fashion, and don't even mention scrapbooking to me or I will throw up in my mouth. I really appreciate beautiful things; I am just not capable of nor interested in producing them. In this case, I am really not sure which came first, lack of talent or lack of interest.

7. One more thing, hmmm... I am liking growing older. I have accepted that having a baby aged me a bit quicker than my pre-baby pace, but I really like the total shift in priorities and attitudes that being a mother brings. Although I am not looking forward to the part where you start telling stories to complete strangers and making your grown children say you are crazy, but that must be part of the process, because it happens to most women at some point!

So there you go. Happy birthday- this is what you get.

I tag Lieles, Leela, Rocky, Brooke, and Min

Coming Soon

Sommer tagged me, oh, two months ago, and she has refused to see me until I do it. And so I promise I will. Soon.


All right, already!

Here I am- alive and well. Just very busy, if you can believe it. Between teaching two classes a week, Primary, houseguests, a birth- not to mention my energetic 2 year old and myriad other things- I have found myself unusually busy the last couple months. Plus, I didn't have my camera for our trips to San Diego and Colorado (wipe away the tears), so I didn't have any pictures to post. I have been told that means posting is pointless, right?

I did want to share that I made it up to a Girls Retreat last weekend (as opposed to a Womens Retreat- our mothers were not invited). SO FUN! Yes, we are still friends and I love these girls!!8

Also, Rune and I drove the Rim Road with our old friend Rhiannon. Lots of fun.


Philly and New York

We just got back from a week out visiting the Chaffees. Such a great time with great friends. We ate a lot of good food, watched movies, and just enjoyed hanging out. This picture is on Uncle Loren's rooftop in Brooklyn. It was nice to bbq and actually need sweaters.
Rune and Lily!! Those two had so much fun. And we love Jaxon too, of course, but these two are just so cute together.


Rune 's new habit

Yes, Broc taught Rune a great way to get in some reading. Now when he is getting on the toilet, Rune yells, "Mom, I need a magazine!"


Grand Canyon

Just got back from the Grand Canyon. I am hobbling around like a crippled old woman, but it was worth the amazing sights and playing in the water fall with Eda and Jen. Broc and Grandma had Rune while I was gone. From reports, my teachings have been paying off as Rune told my mom that "McDonalds is gross." So they had Jack-in-the-Box instead. Perfect. The last picture shows exactly how I felt for about the last 13 miles of the hike.


Graduation and a quick hike

Broc's baby sister Brelyn graduated from Red Mtn last week. As most are, this ceremony was pretty boring (we love you Brelyn!) but this guy made it all worth it. We were lucky enough to have up close views of the SA-WEETEST sound tech you have ever seen doing his thing the entire time. I don't think he has changed his hair since he worked the 1983 White Snake US tour. In preparation for the big GC hike on 6/1, Broc and I hiked most of Flat Iron with Nat & Eda. The picture is kinda funny because it looks like Broc is either 5'7'', or that I am 6'2''.


Life is Good

In the words of my dear friend Brooke, "Six years down, forever to go." I can't believe Broc and I got married six years ago! Life is sweet when you are in love....

Rune is loving swimming lessons now that he knows how to hold his breath and kick kick kick! He has a good time with his buddy Cannon.

After swimming lessons, we had fun visiting the tortoises and bunnies with cousins.


Cold Water and a Hot Lunch

Swimming lessons are the pits! They are getting better, but Days 1 and 2 were torture for Rune and me both. I thought shots were bad, but this is shots times 10. Check out the grip on that licorice.

Rune forgot all about the cold water as he enjoyed a romantic lunch with his Lily. We were so happy to have the Chaffees home for a few days.


Greatest Birthday Ever

Yesterday was such a great way to turn 27. My boys and I hiked Fossil Springs in the morning. About ten minutes into the walk, I WALKED RIGHT PAST A RATTLESNAKE!! It was about 3 feet long and was on one side of the trail, and I happened to walk on the other side of the trail. It shook its rattle at me! Yikes! Needless to say, I was cautious about where I put my feet after that.
The weather was just on the warm side of perfect, which made it just right for swimming. We had a really great time. Broc took this picture of me right after I jumped off the rope- you can see how fun it was in my face.
After we headed into the heat back at home, I got to open presents from my mom, which were so thoughtful! She got me a salad spinner, which I have wanted a long time, as well as a WillowTree statue. She also got me a WillowTree nativity set when I was in labor with Rune. She generously tried to show it to me when I was in transition, but I wasn't very interested at the time. I love it now, though, and love my new one even more.
I got so many messages from family and friends. Even baby bro Anson called to say Happy Birthday!
Overall, a great way to start Year 27.


Surfer dude to Army brat

I finally realized that I was too attached to Rune's long locks, and they needed to go. I am more than pleased with the decision, as hard as it was to make.
The first picture is taken at Papago on one of our weekly hikes with Quinton and his mom. Those boys have so much fun.
Rune is very happy about his new fuzzy head.
I had the weekend to myself- Broc and Rune joined Poppie Bart and Uncle Brig in San Diego for a Fathers/Sons outing of sorts. While they were watching off-road racing, I watched Pursuit of Happyness (wipe a tear), and hiked Wind Cave with some family. Then to a baby shower, the temple, and dinner with some family and an ASU professor three of us had as freshman. We went to Chelsea's Kitchen of course! Lots of fun.
Well, I start a new group tonight- 5 couples- and it should be fun. There are aways such nice people in my classes. Got to get ready!


Happy Days Are Here Again

Broc is home! Happy day! Absence definitely makes the heart grow fonder. Broc rolled in at 5 am on Sunday exhausted and happy to be home. Moby is just happy to get a regular meal now. Oh, and Moby got a T-bone as an apology, which he gladly accepted.

Today Rune and I headed to the park with some friends and actually got rained out- can you believe it? We saw Ming-Ming and Tuck (he's the turtle, right?) swimming in the pond. Rune was excited.

Tomorrow night is my last class with my dear friend Renae, and then I start with some new couples next week. It looks like my class is going to be a bit fuller this time, which will be nice. On Sunday I saw four of my couples from past classes with their new babies, and that was so fun. The babies are cute, and I love seeing them fawn over their little ones.

Good times.


Puppy Penance

I am the worst dog owner EVER! Not only do I get depressed when my husband is out of town, but apparently I go brain-dead as well. Tonight I realized that I have not fed my dog for the entire time Broc has been gone. I am seriously dying about this. My sweet Moby has been sitting patiently, watching me run around like mad since Wednesday, and I have not thought once about the fact that the person who feeds him every night happens to be out of the country. I FEEL SO BAD!! Seriously, how do you make it up to a dog? Buy him Nielsens? I almost feel like I shouldn't reveal this to anyone who happens upon my blog, because who forgets to feed their dog for four days?!?



I realized yesterday that I am a bit depressed when Broc goes out of town. He headed out with a couple buddies to Mexico for what is sure to be a sweet trip (if it doesn't kill him) as it involves prerunners, dirtbikes, scubadiving, and sleeping on the beach in Mexico. Sigh. Already counting the days until he gets back.

Big bro Caleb helped me pass the first night by taking Rune and me to Chelsea's Kitchen for dinner. I am in love with that place! The food was fantastic, and the only problem was feeling awkward that we weren't in a BMW or Audi. There was a gorgeous Ferrari parked right by the door. Those Scottsdale people know how to eat AND how to drive.

Here's to hubby coming home happy and healthy.


Easter and Extreme Sports

We had a nice Easter weekend with lots of egg hunts and way too much candy. We went to the Easter Pageant with Byron and Sommer (we love them!) and Rune really enjoyed seeing Jesus and the animals.

Saturday a.m. we went mountain biking with our friends Steve and Hailey Schild and had such a great time. Broc was basically our tour guide, since the rest of us were amateurs. I LOVED it. I think the fact that the weather and scenery were beautiful added to the fact that I did not come home with any cactus on my person made it so enjoyable. It was a blast, and of course Broc is already looking for a bike for me.

Rune finally got a haircut (more like a trim) and YES I will try to post some pictures.

Happy Birthday to Grammie Kaye and Olivia today!


I'm talking crazy stuff...

Vanessa says I need more pictures, but I haven't been able to open IPhoto for a few days now. Our Mac has been acting up, now that the warranty is gone. Maybe it is mad at us for being traitors. In any event, I will work on getting up some photos of Rune on his bike. You should see him ride!

Last night my friend Kim and I took our boys to the library. On the way back we saw a guy get hit by a car about 50 yards in front of us. Crazy! I kept thinking it was a joke (maybe the Chaffees were finally getting me back for all those April Fools jokes), but he just kept laying there. Oh, did I mention the car kept driving? It was unbelievable. The whole thing was unreal. He did regain consciousness after a few minutes, but I don't know what happened.

Anyway, today I went hiking at South Mountain with a nice lady in our ward who also has a two year old boy. It was a pretty good hike, even with the warm weather. Rune is a lot heavier than the last time I carried him in his backpack. I feel like someone took a baseball bat to my hipbones. Nice. Well worth it, though. We are trying to get in another hike before the weather gets serious.

Oh, I just found out you can listen to scriptures and the like on lds.org, so I just started Jesus the Christ. It is nice to get in some "reading" and dishes at the same time.



April Conference and General Fools

We had a great General Conference Weekend. Loved hearing the inspiring words of prophets.

I was a bit naughty and couldn't resist a few jokes, seeing as it is April 1st. Broc was spared this year, but my mom and friends were not so lucky. I can't resist April Fools. It happens to be my favorite holiday because the gifts I get to give are free and people's reactions are priceless. Except when I make Broc think I got fired, or in a car accident, or in a car accident again a year later. You can see why I spared him this year.

Anyway, my mom and friends were suckered into thinking I was going under the knife this week for a little "upgrade". You can imagine my mother's reaction, but really Vanessa's was the best when I sent her what was supposed to be a picture of the size I wanted. It was a picture of a 400 lbs bikini-clad woman eating an ice cream cone with a "April Fools, Sucka!" caption.

Good times.

So, other than that nonsense we are loving the weather, and trying to be good.



We decided to pass up on Mac renewal this year and try our hand at g-mail. Hope you all enjoy staying updated on our happy family.
We are enjoying the spring weather immensely and are happy as can be. Broc enjoyed a few days at Mtn Man Rendezvous, sporting a sick beard, and Rune and I headed to the cabin for a few days.
We are happy Broc is done with school and he is really enjoying free time to ride his bike. Everyone who rides with him says he is crazy on a bike, and I have to agree.