Greatest Birthday Ever

Yesterday was such a great way to turn 27. My boys and I hiked Fossil Springs in the morning. About ten minutes into the walk, I WALKED RIGHT PAST A RATTLESNAKE!! It was about 3 feet long and was on one side of the trail, and I happened to walk on the other side of the trail. It shook its rattle at me! Yikes! Needless to say, I was cautious about where I put my feet after that.
The weather was just on the warm side of perfect, which made it just right for swimming. We had a really great time. Broc took this picture of me right after I jumped off the rope- you can see how fun it was in my face.
After we headed into the heat back at home, I got to open presents from my mom, which were so thoughtful! She got me a salad spinner, which I have wanted a long time, as well as a WillowTree statue. She also got me a WillowTree nativity set when I was in labor with Rune. She generously tried to show it to me when I was in transition, but I wasn't very interested at the time. I love it now, though, and love my new one even more.
I got so many messages from family and friends. Even baby bro Anson called to say Happy Birthday!
Overall, a great way to start Year 27.


Surfer dude to Army brat

I finally realized that I was too attached to Rune's long locks, and they needed to go. I am more than pleased with the decision, as hard as it was to make.
The first picture is taken at Papago on one of our weekly hikes with Quinton and his mom. Those boys have so much fun.
Rune is very happy about his new fuzzy head.
I had the weekend to myself- Broc and Rune joined Poppie Bart and Uncle Brig in San Diego for a Fathers/Sons outing of sorts. While they were watching off-road racing, I watched Pursuit of Happyness (wipe a tear), and hiked Wind Cave with some family. Then to a baby shower, the temple, and dinner with some family and an ASU professor three of us had as freshman. We went to Chelsea's Kitchen of course! Lots of fun.
Well, I start a new group tonight- 5 couples- and it should be fun. There are aways such nice people in my classes. Got to get ready!


Happy Days Are Here Again

Broc is home! Happy day! Absence definitely makes the heart grow fonder. Broc rolled in at 5 am on Sunday exhausted and happy to be home. Moby is just happy to get a regular meal now. Oh, and Moby got a T-bone as an apology, which he gladly accepted.

Today Rune and I headed to the park with some friends and actually got rained out- can you believe it? We saw Ming-Ming and Tuck (he's the turtle, right?) swimming in the pond. Rune was excited.

Tomorrow night is my last class with my dear friend Renae, and then I start with some new couples next week. It looks like my class is going to be a bit fuller this time, which will be nice. On Sunday I saw four of my couples from past classes with their new babies, and that was so fun. The babies are cute, and I love seeing them fawn over their little ones.

Good times.


Puppy Penance

I am the worst dog owner EVER! Not only do I get depressed when my husband is out of town, but apparently I go brain-dead as well. Tonight I realized that I have not fed my dog for the entire time Broc has been gone. I am seriously dying about this. My sweet Moby has been sitting patiently, watching me run around like mad since Wednesday, and I have not thought once about the fact that the person who feeds him every night happens to be out of the country. I FEEL SO BAD!! Seriously, how do you make it up to a dog? Buy him Nielsens? I almost feel like I shouldn't reveal this to anyone who happens upon my blog, because who forgets to feed their dog for four days?!?



I realized yesterday that I am a bit depressed when Broc goes out of town. He headed out with a couple buddies to Mexico for what is sure to be a sweet trip (if it doesn't kill him) as it involves prerunners, dirtbikes, scubadiving, and sleeping on the beach in Mexico. Sigh. Already counting the days until he gets back.

Big bro Caleb helped me pass the first night by taking Rune and me to Chelsea's Kitchen for dinner. I am in love with that place! The food was fantastic, and the only problem was feeling awkward that we weren't in a BMW or Audi. There was a gorgeous Ferrari parked right by the door. Those Scottsdale people know how to eat AND how to drive.

Here's to hubby coming home happy and healthy.


Easter and Extreme Sports

We had a nice Easter weekend with lots of egg hunts and way too much candy. We went to the Easter Pageant with Byron and Sommer (we love them!) and Rune really enjoyed seeing Jesus and the animals.

Saturday a.m. we went mountain biking with our friends Steve and Hailey Schild and had such a great time. Broc was basically our tour guide, since the rest of us were amateurs. I LOVED it. I think the fact that the weather and scenery were beautiful added to the fact that I did not come home with any cactus on my person made it so enjoyable. It was a blast, and of course Broc is already looking for a bike for me.

Rune finally got a haircut (more like a trim) and YES I will try to post some pictures.

Happy Birthday to Grammie Kaye and Olivia today!


I'm talking crazy stuff...

Vanessa says I need more pictures, but I haven't been able to open IPhoto for a few days now. Our Mac has been acting up, now that the warranty is gone. Maybe it is mad at us for being traitors. In any event, I will work on getting up some photos of Rune on his bike. You should see him ride!

Last night my friend Kim and I took our boys to the library. On the way back we saw a guy get hit by a car about 50 yards in front of us. Crazy! I kept thinking it was a joke (maybe the Chaffees were finally getting me back for all those April Fools jokes), but he just kept laying there. Oh, did I mention the car kept driving? It was unbelievable. The whole thing was unreal. He did regain consciousness after a few minutes, but I don't know what happened.

Anyway, today I went hiking at South Mountain with a nice lady in our ward who also has a two year old boy. It was a pretty good hike, even with the warm weather. Rune is a lot heavier than the last time I carried him in his backpack. I feel like someone took a baseball bat to my hipbones. Nice. Well worth it, though. We are trying to get in another hike before the weather gets serious.

Oh, I just found out you can listen to scriptures and the like on lds.org, so I just started Jesus the Christ. It is nice to get in some "reading" and dishes at the same time.



April Conference and General Fools

We had a great General Conference Weekend. Loved hearing the inspiring words of prophets.

I was a bit naughty and couldn't resist a few jokes, seeing as it is April 1st. Broc was spared this year, but my mom and friends were not so lucky. I can't resist April Fools. It happens to be my favorite holiday because the gifts I get to give are free and people's reactions are priceless. Except when I make Broc think I got fired, or in a car accident, or in a car accident again a year later. You can see why I spared him this year.

Anyway, my mom and friends were suckered into thinking I was going under the knife this week for a little "upgrade". You can imagine my mother's reaction, but really Vanessa's was the best when I sent her what was supposed to be a picture of the size I wanted. It was a picture of a 400 lbs bikini-clad woman eating an ice cream cone with a "April Fools, Sucka!" caption.

Good times.

So, other than that nonsense we are loving the weather, and trying to be good.