Graduation and a quick hike

Broc's baby sister Brelyn graduated from Red Mtn last week. As most are, this ceremony was pretty boring (we love you Brelyn!) but this guy made it all worth it. We were lucky enough to have up close views of the SA-WEETEST sound tech you have ever seen doing his thing the entire time. I don't think he has changed his hair since he worked the 1983 White Snake US tour. In preparation for the big GC hike on 6/1, Broc and I hiked most of Flat Iron with Nat & Eda. The picture is kinda funny because it looks like Broc is either 5'7'', or that I am 6'2''.


Life is Good

In the words of my dear friend Brooke, "Six years down, forever to go." I can't believe Broc and I got married six years ago! Life is sweet when you are in love....

Rune is loving swimming lessons now that he knows how to hold his breath and kick kick kick! He has a good time with his buddy Cannon.

After swimming lessons, we had fun visiting the tortoises and bunnies with cousins.


Cold Water and a Hot Lunch

Swimming lessons are the pits! They are getting better, but Days 1 and 2 were torture for Rune and me both. I thought shots were bad, but this is shots times 10. Check out the grip on that licorice.

Rune forgot all about the cold water as he enjoyed a romantic lunch with his Lily. We were so happy to have the Chaffees home for a few days.