Philly and New York

We just got back from a week out visiting the Chaffees. Such a great time with great friends. We ate a lot of good food, watched movies, and just enjoyed hanging out. This picture is on Uncle Loren's rooftop in Brooklyn. It was nice to bbq and actually need sweaters.
Rune and Lily!! Those two had so much fun. And we love Jaxon too, of course, but these two are just so cute together.


Rune 's new habit

Yes, Broc taught Rune a great way to get in some reading. Now when he is getting on the toilet, Rune yells, "Mom, I need a magazine!"


Grand Canyon

Just got back from the Grand Canyon. I am hobbling around like a crippled old woman, but it was worth the amazing sights and playing in the water fall with Eda and Jen. Broc and Grandma had Rune while I was gone. From reports, my teachings have been paying off as Rune told my mom that "McDonalds is gross." So they had Jack-in-the-Box instead. Perfect. The last picture shows exactly how I felt for about the last 13 miles of the hike.