Tag, You're It

Okay, so are these supposed to be 7 things that no one knows about me? Or 7 things I am proud of? Or about which I should be embarrassed? I am not sure, so maybe I will do a medley.

1. Ummm, hm. Well, something no one knows about me...(except the Chaffees): I have never liked being asked "What do you do?" Until I became a mom who taught childbirth classes on the side. It is not like I was ever a human smuggler, or anything, I was just never thrilled about my vocations.

2. No one knows that I get really peeved when I pay money to eat gross food. The combination of wasted money and yucky food is just too much to bear and I get really grumpy about it. Okay, the Chaffees knew that one too.

3. I am proud of the fact that I am good with names. Not like idiot-savant memory, or anything, I just usually remember people (maybe I am just comparing myself to my beloved Lindsay).

4. I am proud that I don't color my hair. I can't say I have never colored my hair- the truth is that in fifth grade I had hot pink hair for a couple weeks. Other than the pink fiasco, I just don't color my hair because a) I actually like the color of my hair b) I am way too lazy and cheap to keep up highlights c) It would look terrible.

5. I should be embarrassed of the fact that I blog, because I truly love to hate the blogs. They are the oddest phenomenon and I am just wondering how long it will last and what the real ramifications on relationships (friendships/acquaintances) will be.

6. I should be embarrassed of the fact that I am the least creative woman you will ever meet. I can not decorate a house, nor coordinate fashion, and don't even mention scrapbooking to me or I will throw up in my mouth. I really appreciate beautiful things; I am just not capable of nor interested in producing them. In this case, I am really not sure which came first, lack of talent or lack of interest.

7. One more thing, hmmm... I am liking growing older. I have accepted that having a baby aged me a bit quicker than my pre-baby pace, but I really like the total shift in priorities and attitudes that being a mother brings. Although I am not looking forward to the part where you start telling stories to complete strangers and making your grown children say you are crazy, but that must be part of the process, because it happens to most women at some point!

So there you go. Happy birthday- this is what you get.

I tag Lieles, Leela, Rocky, Brooke, and Min

Coming Soon

Sommer tagged me, oh, two months ago, and she has refused to see me until I do it. And so I promise I will. Soon.