What's New, Pussycat?

Well, for one thing, my sister Amy had her baby on Oct 2nd I got to be there. AMAZING! I felt very privileged to be present for Cora's birth. Amy was a powerhouse. Adam's wife Leticia is due anyday (well, technically she was due last Saturday...) and we are very excited for her.

We watched Conference in Greer. It was a bit cold, but worth the time spent with each other and my parents.
Rune is going to be 3 soon and I can't believe my baby is getting so big. He keeps us laughing all the time. Here he is with a snake he caught in Greer.

I am teaching 3 nights a week now, so we are feeling busy. Broc is being very good about me doing the classes, and he is happy I bought him a new mountain bike. Win, win.
Not much else. We are counting the days to Christmas because the Wheelers will be here. YEA!