A Cold Front and The Hendershotts...

Spent time on the East Coast last week. What fun. Visiting the Chaffees in good ol' Royersford, PA and the Wheelers in Maryland. I got to surprise Colleen at 7 am on Saturday morning. So much fun. Love all those kids. And Rune does too!
PS I do have a husband and next time he will be there with us. Love you, Babe!

Tit for Tat

I had almost forgotten about this gem of a pic until Lee posted the precious picture of post-Roscoe's Blake. While the abundance of quantity and lack of quality of food is in and of itself worth commentary, I can't fail to mention the fact that this picture was taken at 11:30 pm. To be fair, the frosty shake in the foreground is mine and Vanessa's. The rest belongs to Lee and his GI tract.


Lyle LOVE-it

This picture is for Vanessa. I have no idea how we came across it, but it was love at first sight. Thanks for a fun time in the FREEZING weather.

More on the trip later when I download my pics.


Not exactly newsworthy

Life is good. There is nothing of amazing importance to share, but I have been busy reveling in the small joys of life. Rune's birthday is tomorrow. We have been celebrating it Hanukkah-style, with a present and/or outing everyday. (Colleen pointed out that he really needs a sibling.)

We have gone to the zoo a couple times, which I enjoy as much as Rune does. Props to Eda for braving the zoo with me. And thanks to Lindsay for "riding the train" with me.

Highlights also include hiking Camelback a couple times (AGAIN thanks to Eda, and Broc, who carried Rune) and Broc getting attacked/bitten by a neighbor's dog. That guy was a JERK. And I hope he reads this.

Rune always has fun going over to Breklyn, Brindli and Brixan's house, and it's not just because they have fun toys...

And here he is last night for Halloween (thanks for the great costume, Payton!)