Saturday night was our Christmas concert. It has been a really long time since I sang in a real choir and it took me back to my choral days. (If anyone sees Mr. Perry tell him I said sorry for the attitude.)
As a Christmas bonus -the best non-monetary kind-, it started snowing during the performance. Outside our apartment last night.
And this morning. The hill in this picture provided immense entertainment as people tried to drive up the hill and almost funnier were the attempts down the hill. There was an Austin Powers moment in the alley that was probably the most hilarious of the day. Picture a full-size Bronco trying to do a 15 pt turn in an alley, all while sliding sideways and knocking over garbage cans.

We could have sat watching people try to drive all day, but the cold snow was calling our name, so we went for a walk . Did I mention it is freezing?


The Final Countdown

How many men does it take to put together a child's puzzle? Well, it helps to have Dad, Poppie, and Brad (Rune's surrogate poppie up here).

Rune showing off the finished product.On Saturday we decided we would do a hike for a change and luckily the Kerrs were up for some family fun.
Bridal Veil Falls were so beautiful!
Anna was a trooper and carried a baby while I was the only adult that escaped backpack duty. Despite running a marathon a week ago, she wasn't doing any complaining. (How cute is Hank!? He is my little boyfriend.)
We are counting down to AZ for Christmas. As much as we love it up here, I am so excited to see all my little ones. I hope they haven't forgotten their Aunt B. I will definitely refresh their memories by smothering them with hugs and kisses.


Giving Thanks

We were so happy to have Bart & Cathi (aka Grammie & Poppie) visit this week. Thanksgiving would not have been the same without them and the BBQed turkey. We had missed them so much, especially Rune.Despite my complete hopelessness when it comes to any kind of handiwork, a quick lesson in knitting from Cathi and I was hooked. Not much to be said of the finished product...With a little extra time on our hands, we decided to visit the Olympic Peninsula and Pacific Ocean. On our way we happened through a little town you may have heard of. Any guesses?I was a lot more excited than I thought I would be after a teacher let us in to the school to check out the cafeteria, gym, etc. Goofy, but it was fun. I can't say for certain, but I am pretty sure this is where Bella & the Cullens sat during lunch. (Don't worry, I am gagging right now, too) Maybe I should see the movie.Then on to the real excitement- about as far Northwest as you can go in the Continental US (La Push for anyone who is familiar with the area). The waves were UNREAL. This picture almost captures how amazing it was.
Our little hike up the beach turned into an intense daredevil exercise. The tide was as high as it gets. Our quest meant choosing between clamoring over wet logs, or running between surfs rolling in. Basically we were playing the odds that the ocean would not catch us before we could get onto higher ground and that we would not be crushed by a floating tree. The ocean bested us a few times before we made it to Hole-in-the-Wall, but luckily no major mishaps. But by the time we got there, I was not concerned with my shoes getting wet!
We were super-soaked by the time we were done, but still smiling. Such a fun time and we are so happy we got to share this week with family. Thanks for everything, BH and CH!


Snow Lake

So, after realizing we both spent last Saturday on top of mountains feeding birds out of our hands, the McKinleys and Hendershotts decided to venture out together.
We had such a great time with our fearless leaders, Lisette and Cameron, as we trekked to Snow Lake- a very apt name, considering the day!
Here we are enjoying the weather. I love that you can make the cold air feel great just by working in it. My dad would be so proud that I finally figured that out, though he would be dubious at my liberal use of the word ~work~.
Snow Lake was beautiful. Rune got a free ride, so he was freezing. And yet still so pleasant to have on the hike! He is the best sidekick ever.

And for those who have said they wanted a feel for our space... (you could always come visit. No, seriously.) Now that Rune is 4 he has been diligent in emptying the dishwasher every day, but he likes to keep it interesting.



Another week has flown by for us. Broc's job is busy (good), the ward peeps are really nice (bonus) and in case you didn't know, we live in Washington (score). This picture is showing off some of our thrift store finds and also to show you Rune wears something other than that wretched green sweatshirt.
This week we decided to take on Mt. Si. I had been itching to do a real hike and Broc was up for the challenge. Great hike to be sure, but it was the birds at the top that were memorable. The blue jays were beautiful but much shyer than their grey cousins. These cheeky little things ate right out of our hands.
This guy missed the point, apparently.

Mt. Si is supposed to be the classic way to train for Mt Reindeer (as Rune calls it), which you can see in the distance. Hmmmm... Tempting...


Halloween, Birthday, New Week

Halloween at the ward trunk-or-treat. Thanks to Grammie Cathi for the fun costume for Rune. He randomly shows up with all his gear on throughout the day, especially if there are visitors.We decided to spend Rune's birthday on Whidbey Island with Broc's grandparents, whom Rune adores. Such a fun weekend!
Broc calls Rune "Goose", so we had him sneak up on his namesakes.
I don't know why I love this picture of Rune with his -vinoculars- so much.
Don and Kaye being the great hosts that they are!
A special visitor this week was Uncle Eric. No one brings out the juvenile in Broc more than Eric does, so it is always fun when they get together.
Here we are at LincolnPark.
Oh man, is this post still going? On Saturday we did a little fall hike that was breathtaking. (ha, that's a play on words.)



Four years ago today something miraculous happened. Rune joined our family and forever made me a mother. Because of that, instead of making you gag down more "look what we did THIS week in Washington" pictures (more of that later), I am indulging myself in memories of my most treasured possession. Shed a tear with me, mothers, as we ponder how quickly our little ones grow.


Sammamish River & A New Suit

We are lucky to have moved into my cousin's ward. Her husband Carter took us and two of their kids on a little kayaking adventure on the Sammamish River. These pictures were taken in the first 5 minutes of the trek and would lead you to believe that I did NOT have to deal with a squirming kid on my lap the entire 5 miles, when in fact, I DID.
So this is what my view was most of the time.
Jennifer, the aforementioned cousin, gave this suit to Rune. And now Broc can't use the ridiculous heat as an excuse not to wear his.

Notice that the sun is shining in all the pictures? The weather has been beautiful. Definitely chillier than I am used to, but great jog-to-a-friend's-house-to-play weather, for sure!


Life in West Seattle: Encore

I thought those pictures said it all, but okay, here you go.

Seattle is cool. Literally and figuratively. It is so different from AZ and we are enjoying all the changes. We walk to the grocery store. Take the bus to Chinatown for dim sum (I didn't even know what that was before). And wear scarves. (scarves!)

Our first Saturday in Washington was chilly, but sunny. We headed to Snoqualmie Falls and then to Remlinger Farms for good old fashioned fall fun.

Rune loved the rock wall almost as much as I did!
Attempting to furnish our apartment has been top priority, How does an apartment manage to be so empty while stuffed to the gills at the same time? I am loving finds at the local thrift store and craig's list...
This Saturday was like the last- chilly but sunny. We took the ferry and headed to Olympic National Park. We hiked to some hot springs which were welcome after the chill in the air.

Dinner was Dungeness Crab in... Dungeness. So magnificent. It is probably a good thing it is 2 hours and a ferry ride away from us.
Life is good. There. Satisfied?


Life in West Seattle

Our Street
Our Park