Ladybugs Bite

We spent Saturday on a Rhino ride with Broc's parents. Rune insisted on the goggles, and it actually worked well at keeping rabid ladybugs out of his eyes. We went to the top of Mt. Ord where we learned that cute little ladybugs are really just... a bug. And they bite.
We enjoyed some fine cheeses at AJ's the other night with the Saragers.

Here is John dramatically enjoying his Martinellis:

In celebration of... (why did we go out?) The Girls got together for dinner at PF Chang's. I wanted to pay tribute to the exact moment that our waitress decided she hated us and would treat us accordingly:


Birth Day

I celebrated my birthday by throwing a barbecue for all the couples I have taught since I started in August of 06. There was a good turnout and so many babies! It was really great to see everyone. Oh, and Rune got his summer haircut. Time for swimming lessons.