Checked Out

Today is my last physical day in AZ, but mentally and emotionally I have been gone for weeks.

I knew something was going when I would repeatedly drive miles past my destination before realizing it. Then I found myself calling my students the wrong names. Hello? Is anyone in there?

A couple weeks ago, Eda and I were joined by Jen and my cousin Ixka for what was one of the most miserable experiences of my life. It sounds cool to say you hiked the tallest mountain in the lower 48, but really it is more horrible than cool. Maybe it was the 2 hours of sleep (still twice as much as the other girls) or the elevation, or the mileage, but my love for hiking was SERIOUSLY in question for the last 13 hours of the hike.

And so now I am in debate: which did I want to be done more: Mt Whitney, or my family being divided asunder for 2 months?

Either way, I have survived them both.

Cheers to new adventures.