Sammamish River & A New Suit

We are lucky to have moved into my cousin's ward. Her husband Carter took us and two of their kids on a little kayaking adventure on the Sammamish River. These pictures were taken in the first 5 minutes of the trek and would lead you to believe that I did NOT have to deal with a squirming kid on my lap the entire 5 miles, when in fact, I DID.
So this is what my view was most of the time.
Jennifer, the aforementioned cousin, gave this suit to Rune. And now Broc can't use the ridiculous heat as an excuse not to wear his.

Notice that the sun is shining in all the pictures? The weather has been beautiful. Definitely chillier than I am used to, but great jog-to-a-friend's-house-to-play weather, for sure!


Life in West Seattle: Encore

I thought those pictures said it all, but okay, here you go.

Seattle is cool. Literally and figuratively. It is so different from AZ and we are enjoying all the changes. We walk to the grocery store. Take the bus to Chinatown for dim sum (I didn't even know what that was before). And wear scarves. (scarves!)

Our first Saturday in Washington was chilly, but sunny. We headed to Snoqualmie Falls and then to Remlinger Farms for good old fashioned fall fun.

Rune loved the rock wall almost as much as I did!
Attempting to furnish our apartment has been top priority, How does an apartment manage to be so empty while stuffed to the gills at the same time? I am loving finds at the local thrift store and craig's list...
This Saturday was like the last- chilly but sunny. We took the ferry and headed to Olympic National Park. We hiked to some hot springs which were welcome after the chill in the air.

Dinner was Dungeness Crab in... Dungeness. So magnificent. It is probably a good thing it is 2 hours and a ferry ride away from us.
Life is good. There. Satisfied?


Life in West Seattle

Our Street
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