Snow Lake

So, after realizing we both spent last Saturday on top of mountains feeding birds out of our hands, the McKinleys and Hendershotts decided to venture out together.
We had such a great time with our fearless leaders, Lisette and Cameron, as we trekked to Snow Lake- a very apt name, considering the day!
Here we are enjoying the weather. I love that you can make the cold air feel great just by working in it. My dad would be so proud that I finally figured that out, though he would be dubious at my liberal use of the word ~work~.
Snow Lake was beautiful. Rune got a free ride, so he was freezing. And yet still so pleasant to have on the hike! He is the best sidekick ever.

And for those who have said they wanted a feel for our space... (you could always come visit. No, seriously.) Now that Rune is 4 he has been diligent in emptying the dishwasher every day, but he likes to keep it interesting.


hillarie said...

This is ERic not Hillarie.
I like the photos and miss living up there. We were not as adventurous as you folks. Was I your first out of state visitor? Thats what I'm talking about.

Lisette and Cameron said...

We had such a great time with you guys, we look forward to doing it again. Maybe next time on snow shoes???

Petersens said...

If you're not having fun up there, you're sure fooling everyone with these posts. :) I think I want to take that picture of Rune emptying out the dishwasher, print it out and eat it. That's how much I love it.

Amber R. said...

What the heck is Broc doing in shorts?! CRAZINESS! Although, I will admit that it is always warmer when snow is falling than when it has already fallen... looks like fun!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving


ness said...

wow, opposites attract... get it out of your system before SD- I prefer point loma seafood and FotC. I might throw in some homemade cobbler.