Another fun week in Washington, but it was a cold one.

Rune has discovered riding his snowskate off of the furniture. Where did this little punk come from?!We spent Saturday morning riding bikes on Alki Beach. Broc hasn't ridden with us in a while, and so Rune got to show off his new bike tricks including standing up while pedaling and riding with one hand. His poor little legs have to crank way more rpms to keep up with Mom and Dad, but he was a good sport and happily followed Broc wherever he went.

Here we are looking across Elliot Bay to Downtown and listening to harbor seals barking. Don't worry- the haze is fog, not smog.
After lunch we discovered Discovery Park. Hiked down to the beach and got to see jellyfish float by. Did you know seagulls eat jellyfish? Although, maybe we witnessed a desparate seagull's first and last jellyfish.
Playing frisbee on our way to the car.


Come to Seattle

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Ice Fest

Before I show you the raucous time we had in Leavenworth, you have to check out what Broc brought home for dinner this week. And check out Rune's sweet jeans cape. So fierce.

I was looking for a reason to visit Leavenworth, and the Bavarian Ice Festival was the perfect excuse.

Tubing was so fun until some old lady took a turn and popped it. (ok, the old lady was me)
The funniest part of the day was talking Broc and Chris into doing the MugRelay. This guy was the self-proclaimed 2 time champion. He was so hilarious and was so mad when B&C beat him that he knocked Broc's mug over. Sofunny. One old guy was stretching in his sweats. Classic.
Here are the triumphant 2nd place winners. SOOO disappointed they didn't get the coveted blue ribbon, but there is always next year. ha
Such a fun little get-away. It was supercold, but everyone had a great time.


Random Sampling from AZ

We started our trip to AZ by going to RockyPoint with some of my family (the shrimp fajitas at Rosey's are awesome!).Rune had a ton of fun combing the beach for shells...
And playing in the sand.

Back to the Valley of the Sun (SO NICE to get little Vitamin D!)---

The Hendershott grandkids- featuring Shaynie, the newest addition- reenacted the first Nativity. Cute kids!This picture shows a sampling of what I miss most in Arizona- my nieces and nephews (and citrus). This is a fort the older kids built in my dad's backyard. Oh, to be a kid again!
The Coopers (Minnesota Hendershotts) invited us to go ice skating and it was a blast. I couldn't believe Rune could scoot along all by himself.
We made another side trip while in AZ. The dunes were fun, especially for Broc who loves anything with wheels and torque.

Luckily our trip coincided with my annual friends dinner. This year was extra special because we dug up (I'm talking pick and shovel, people)the time capsule we buried in 1998. Hilarious to see what we thought the last 10 years would be like and what we were worrying about as newly graduated girls. I suppose a lot hasn't changed, but life definitely has had a few tricks up its sleeves. Overall time has been good to us.
Rune had a good time trying out a motorcycle at Poppie's house, but he definitely needs a little more time before he is ready for that one.
On the other hand, it was the perfect size for Mom! (Not really, I look like a clown on a mini-bike)

We got to do a little desert hiking. Rune is posing with his buddy Lane and one of his favorite Christmas presents- a Mini Camelback. So cute!

We made a pilgrimage to San Diego for a quick get-away with the Chaffees. We got to check out Little Italy and enjoy some gelato.
So yummy, right?
And now we are back home and looking forward to life in the PacNorWest. Start planning your summer escapes, AZ loveys!!