Saturday Shred Sesh

Rune learned to snowboard on Saturday. I had no idea he would do so well and love it so much.He insisted on jumping every run and wanted to go down the steep hills, but maybe next time on that one.


We will have to go back

Vancouver, BC is the place for me. Granville Island Public Market was great. The time we spent there was not sufficient, so we will have to go back.The boys (all of them) enjoying some time at the park.
Our hotel was really nice and the beds made for great fun.

Rune getting launched.
One of the highlights of the trip was definitely the hugs being given on Robson Street. Forget about universal healthcare when you've got free hugs! Here are the cute boys who terrorized the 17th floor.
Broc's hero is Andrew Zimmern (of Bizarre Foods fame) and so of course he was excited to peruse Chinatown's culinary offerings. I must note that he did not try any jelly fish, dried squid, or octopus, so he says we will have to go back.


Don't Worry

Even though we had an off week this week (scouts, you owe me one), we are gearing up for Vancouver next weekend, so be prepared for the adventure to resume next week. Okay, I am boring myself right now, so with no further ado...

Here is Rune with Claire. Rune is absolutely obsessed with this little cutie. Anytime he sees her he can not talk about anything else. "Mom, Claire just looked at me.""Mom, Claire smiled."
Rune and I took advantage of Free First Thursday and visited the Seattle Art Museum. He was more into the exploding cars than Edward Hopper's Women, but they were both very cool.
Finally, because my husband was making breakfast for other people's sons on Saturday am, I was forced to make it for my own. The significance of this is lost on anyone who is not aware that I have been useless in the kitchen for a long long time. Baby steps.


Whidbey Weekend

I could not resist showing you another piece from Rune's portfolio he is sending into Project Runway Season 8: Kids, Make It Work. After a terrible week surviving Mom having a bad back, Rune was SO EXCITED to drive to Whidbey Island to spend the weekend with B's grandparents- Gpa Don and Gmmie Kaye (and their Legos). Better than Disneyland!
We pried Rune away from the toys for a walk on the beach. After seeing seals, jellyfish, a raccoon and deer this week, we added bigger jellyfish, crabs, and bald eagles to our list.
Rune finally got the courage to catch a crab himself.
This little guy was so saucy!
Don, Rune and Broc heading back after a brisk walk to Double Bluff. A nice mellow weekend with the Cronks.

P.S. Good game, Cards. I was cheering for you till the bitter end.