Peruvian rocks make me feel small

Peruvian people make me feel giganticI loved visiting this Indian market

Machu Picchu was even more amazing than I had realized.

To the Amazon... Sun setting on Madre de Dios River

500 year old tree
Centipedes are okay anywhere but in my bed

90 feet up overlooking the rainforest canopy

Relaxing by the pool after a long day in the jungle

I am glad I got to experience Peru with you, Mom and Dad.


Chuckanut Drive

We made the drive to Bellingham on Saturday. It was a cool town, but it was the drive home that was a must-do-again.Chuckanut Drive goes down the coast from Bellingham.
If you look closely, you can see the train tracks right along the water below. That is the way I want to do it next time.
We went over Deception Pass on our way to drop in on the Cronks. Can you see how windy it is?

Now can you?? It was crazy windy.
Yesterday Broc finally relented and let me cut his hair. We have been spoiled forever having two amazing(-ly free) hairdressers, but desperate times call for desperate measures. It may have been beginner's luck, but it turned out not terrible!

The weather this week has been cold/sunny/windy/rainy/snowy. Random and all over the place (except warm), so I am looking forward to a warmer clime. Check you later.


His and Hers

This Saturday, I got dibs on the first half of the day, and B & R got to do what they wanted to do the second half. Somewhere off the I90. Not exactly sure where we were. We wanted to snowshoe, but decided to just do the snow without the shoe.
Yes, Rune is getting way too big for that thing, but it is just so convenient- for Rune and me, anyway! Broc says Rune is on his own this summer.
Later that day... Rune's first trip up the lift. Those things seem really sketchy when your 4 yr old is sitting on them 25 feet in the air.