Love this place

First, a big event for our family- Rune finally saved enough to get a bigger bike. 25cents for emptying the dishwasher is a steady but slow way to earn money. He is thrilled with his Hotrock and shows off like crazy.

Here is a little hike we did on Saturday. Twin Falls. Rune and George have way too much fun.

Obligatory rock throwing.

Obligatory rock leaping.

This shot is not from our hike, rather it is from a park a mile from us that we just discovered this week. 

How I love this place.


Lisette and Cameron said...

nice ride rune....also, i am all about cheap labor, send him our way :)

Shenise said...

Love the new wheels Rune! And be careful with all of your stunts little boy. So daring! I have to close my eyes!

Shanda said...


You are such a cool mom! I am always amazed at all the fun adventures your family goes on!

Shannon said...

Hi Ketsy,

Happy Blogging! Great pics :)

See you Sunday.


GR8DAMA said...

Is it right to be able to have so much fun daily?
Love you guys!

Petersens said...

Um, what the heck. I can never see your pics. My stupid computer doesn't let me load them. I owe you a birthday wish. You should come down here to az and GET IT. Ha ha, yours is over now. My turn next.

Brooke said...

What a darn beautiful place! Lucky girl!