Arizona in June

I was dying to see my little people (nieces, nephews, and the like) and when I mentioned the idea to Rune, he was all about it!

Despite the perfect weather in WA and the less than ideal AZ days, we decided to spend a couple weeks seeing our loved ones.

Rune got reacquainted with Cousin Shaynie. 

Loved spending the day in Globe at Calan's house.

Here he is with his summer cut. Love the Cooper Girls.

Could Rune and Lily be any cuter? Swimming with the Chaffees.

Rune's absolute favorite thing of the trip- RC cars in Poppie's backyard.

My absolute favorite thing of the whole trip- Liam is such a chub and a sweetheart. And Vanessa gave me a little haircut.

Good times with The Girls in Scottsdale before Lindsay moved to Oklahoma. 
Our last get-away as twenty-somethings!

I was so happy I got to spend time with Cora. It is amazing how much I love my little people!

It was great to be able to see everyone! But as fun as the trip was, nothing was more joyous than our return home. The man I adore with his mini-me:

A few people have asked me what is home to me- Mesa or Seattle. It is definitely wherever Broc is and I don't have to live out of a suitcase.  So--- Seattle.


Lindy said...

Love the pics, Ketsy! Looks like you had fun. And Liam appears to be delicious...so cute!

Katie D. said...

Love the haircuts...Rune's buzz and especially yours!

Wait, who does Liam belong to? I need parent's names with the little people pictures.

Lisette and Cameron said...

love the new hairdo. you looked really cute today. i was subbing in yw, so sorry we did not get a chance to chat.

ashley said...

yea, you're back!! can you believe this weather?! let's play soon. I'll call if I come up with something...y ou do the same!

love your haircut!

Sarah said...

Your hair looks so cute!

Angie said...

I love you new haircut Ketsy! And Rune's is super cute, too. :)