Crowded Paradise

So, the sun starts to shine in Seattle and people come out of the woodwork to clog the streets and attend all manner of fairs, festivals, and concerts. We found ourselves braving the crowds to enjoy greasy food and good music.

Listening to Mudhoney at the West Seattle Street Fair with the Kings. 
(note the crowd)

Here we are at the Alki Pirate Landing. I loved the costume Broc threw together for our little scallywag.  I am sure you guessed that it was quite the crowd of pirate enthusiasts.
Some friends had tickets for the Decemberists with Andrew Bird at Marymoor and I was lucky enough to get invited. It was a really fun concert and so here is yet another picture with hordes of people as the backdrop.

And then there was Paradise... To escape the crowds while Broc and Rune were playing at Father&Sons, I headed to Mt Rainier with the McKinleys.  The trail had its crowded moments, but there was a lot of mountain to go around.

The picture of me and Cameron and this next one is Lisette's photography that I borrowed from her. If you look closely you can see me in the bottom left-hand side.
The wildflowers were out. Paradise is aptly named. Thanks for sharing it with me, L & C!


Back at home

Broc has been playing on his work softball team and Rune got caught up in the love for the game. When he is not asking to go to the park to play baseball, he is asking me how much longer until he turns five. The kid is a little excited about turning 5. 

I have been wanting to go to the Big Four Ice Caves for months now, but the bridge officially reopened this month. Because of all the snow this winter it was still an ice field, rather than ice caves, but it was cool nonetheless.

Here are the boys wishing they had brought their snowboards, or at least the snowskate.
A view on the way.
It is cherry season here and so at every opportunity we get some on which to gorge ourselves. Rune has not quite figured out getting the pit out without making a huge mess of himself.

Eric and Kim came to visit. The afternoon they got into town, we hit the Experience Music Project on the busiest day they had ever experienced. Ever. They had to close the doors because they were at capacity. Needless to say, it was ridiculously crowded. However, it is a very cool place and we got to see the famous MJ glove. You can see Kim's sidekick too. Dolly was so much fun to have here. Rune could not leave her alone.
Here are the boys on our way home from Bainbridge Island.One of my favorite things we did was hiking to Franklin Falls. They were lovely and the spray was the perfect way to cool off.
We loved having the Huffakers come visit. It was a little hot for a few days, but otherwise it was a perfect weekend with friends!