Camping at Rainier

The weather was perfect. The company was great. And the setting was gorgeous. Rune had a blast roasting marshmallows...
Chopping firewood...
Hiking from Sunrise at Mt. Rainier....
Enjoying the amazing view...

And the rope swing! Everyone's favorite.

It is times like the conception of this rope swing that I can not help but love that my husband still loves to play. Thanks for making camping (and life) fun, Honey.


Visit to Whidbey

Broc's grandparents came into town for a bit, so we had to stop by for a visit. We loaded up on blackberries, hydrangeas, and quality time with the Don and Grammie Kaye.


Oregon Coast

We went down to the Oregon Coast this weekend. It was beautiful and a fun time, despite Rune having a fever the whole time and throwing up in an elevator at one point. You can tell by the angle that Rune was our photog for this one.

Here are Rune and George. I love this picture of them looking for puffins on Haystack Rock.

These two can play for days and not get sick of each other. And they will talk for hours on long road trips. It is hilarious and inevitably about which super-heroes they are and what bad guys they would fight.

One final picture for the grandmas. Rune loves his Legos and his favorite thing to ask is if he can dump them out. I caught him in the act of biting the Legos apart. Here's hoping he is feeling better soon and back to playing with his Legos!