I am so happy Amy and kids got to come visit us last week. The weather was perfect for their visit (the same cannot be said this week) and so we got to do some fun things.

Hiking to Denny Creek was one of the highlights. 

Here we are at the falls.
And the kids could not resist the siren song of the slippery rock.
Cora had a run in with the trail. Look at that face!
Other than hiking, Rune and Calan loved the water taxi to downtown for some Ivar's and a visit to Pike's Place
Always love the flowers!
We splurged one night and got a pizza from Talarico's. Little did we know...
Cute boys, but Grandpa might be concerned that Rune is a bad influence on Calan- what with the mohawks and what not...

One final outing to Seattle Center.
Daring boy down by the fountain!
Loved having my little sister come visit. I am sad we don't live closer, but I am so glad we got to play for a while. And I will see her at Caleb's wedding next week. I am so excited for the wedding of the [family's] decade.


Hendershotts Hit Seattle

We were so thrilled to have Poppie, Grammie, Brig and Brelyn come to visit. Our trip to the San Juans with them was memorable!

The view from Mt Consitution on Orcas Island

Rune adores this woman.

These two make me laugh. This is not the first time they have been found mirroring each other.

Rune doing his best version of the flubber face.

Brelyn and Brig enjoyed trying all the *new* foods in Seattle. Pho was a gastro-adventure in and of itself.

Here is Rune enjoying the same. This kid knows how to eat.

We loved having them here. Rune was giddy the entire time. Come again soon, family!


City of Roses and Mt. St. Helens

We finally got down to Portland and visited the Orrs.

Powell's Bookstore was as fabulously gigantic as advertised. Definitely worth the walk.
The Rose Garden was also worth a visit and our timing was good as it stopped pouring right after we arrived.

Rune thinks that roses' best feature is their abundance of Rhino noses. Stockton seems to agree.

I prefer the flower parts, myself.

These are Barbra Streisand Roses. Love that.

After thoroughly enjoying our time with the Orrs, we headed up to Mt. St. Helens. The observatory was very informative and interesting.
The mountain was a bit elusive, but that made it all the more exciting.

A fun way to spend Labor Day weekend despite the crazy weather.

Coming Soon: A Visit from the Hendershotts



We have been going on quite a few excursions lately and I am falling behind on documentation. It's all a bit excessive, I know, but it is such a nice time of year and there is so much to do.
We went to Whistler last weekend to help Rhiannon celebrate her birthday.

Riding the gondola from peak to peak was quite the experience.

Here we are at the top with the birthday girl.

Rune tried out Daddy's bike.
And then tried out jumps on his own bike.
Just to show you that my husband was actually on the trip and let you know exactly what he was doing.

Some footage of Rune riding. He said this was his best trip ever and that was undoubtedly attributable to his time spent on his bike. 

Coming Soon: Portland