Vancouver, BC

Headed to Vancouver for the weekend with the Kings.
It rained cats and dogs but we still had to do geo-caches in Stanley Park.
The sun broke through while we were at Granville Island
We ventured to North Vancouver and Cleveland Dam.

It's not to say these guys aren't super heroes, but I will admit appearances can be deceiving.

The Kings were stellar traveling companions. Glad we were able to make the trip.


Salt Lake City

We got to spend the weekend in Salt Lake for Caleb's wedding to Becca. Earlier in the week, though, we visited the EMP for Rune to play the drums-he has been obsessed.
Then off to Utah for an early morning and long day of fun and family. Here are the newlyweds.
My mom ran into a woman my family knew in Japan 30 years ago. You should have heard the joyous exclamations in Japanese when they saw each other.

Rune was excited for Uncle Caleb, but mostly glad he got to see everyone.

We took the scenic route from Salt Lake to the reception in Mapleton. 

By Saturday my family had already scattered, so we hooked up with a bunch of Broc's family and went for a hike. Grandpa Don was quite the trooper!
Made it to Lake Blanche, where the weather was a tad chilly.
But it was gorgeous!
Here are some of the guys finding a geo-cache after tromping up a hill through the snow.

Later we stopped by the Great Salt Lake to check it out, as I had only ever seen it from the air. Pretty cool.

We enjoyed so much being able to be there for Caleb & Becca's big day and were thrilled we got to spend time with family, especially Eric & Hillary\Hilarrie\Hillarie. We owe you a warm bed and a tank of gas!