Week of Giving Thanks

Snow in Seattle

Patient boy ready for some turkey

And a new person to love
Bath time for Dagny
Talking to Poppie

Best Friends

Finally a Family of Four


Fall fun

Our family of pumpkins.
Rune's Birthday Bowling.

Rune's artwork- he is a finalist for a PTA competition. So glad he got some skills from his Daddy's side.

And a final hike with just the three of us.
Wallace Falls was beautiful and worth the effort.


Some of the reasons we love visiting AZ

Swimming w/ cousins (in October!)More Cousins
Lift ride at Sunrise
View from the top
Chaffees (and Bahama Bucks)
Hendershott Cousins- yes, Rune is the only boy
My personal Az highlight- Wind Cave
It was our last time feeling the heat for a while, so I am glad we got to do it!

PS I am way late in sharing that in June, Broc climbed Mt. Rainier.

And while it was not fun,
I am glad he made it to the top safely and doesn't have to do it again (Right?)


Whistler and a new Kinder

Whistler is a beautiful place and THE place to ride a mountain bike. So everyone was happy to spend Labor Day weekend there. The Serafin family was a ton of fun and Broc was so glad Zig was willing to do some downhill riding.
I was a good girl and stayed off the mountain to play with their little guy, Evan (and to eat corn on the cob that made my heart sing).

My mountain men.

In Squamish we had a picnic, during which Rune and Nina had fun exploring. Nina even caught a frog and Rune fell in the creek, so of course it was great.

Enjoying the view of Shannon Falls after the picnic.

Introducing our new Kinder. Only three days under his belt, but he is loving it already.


Closing out Summer

We have enjoyed being back home in the Pacific Northwest.

Lots of fun outings including a hike to and swim in Talapus Lake.
Nice, clear, alpine water

A mid-week hike with a friend to Source Lake.

A perfect weather kind of evening spent at Seattle Center listening to The Brite Futures. Rune is thinking he is going to be a drummer.

A VERY fun outing to Duthie Hill for some mountain biking.

And a bit of kayaking.

School starts in a week and life will be a little different for us, but we are looking forward to the fall.


Blow me to Bermuda

Bermuda is a beautiful place.

The beaches are lovely.
The water is warm.

And who knew a 5 year old could snorkel?
And LOVE it.

One of our new friends.

Scooting around the island was favorite. Oh- did I mention the Kerrs are living here for an indeterminate amount of time? So of course we had to come visit.

The island got a year's worth of rain while we were there, but it didn't stop the fun.

Old, unfinished church in St. George- in the rain, duh.
Heading out for very yummy, but stupid-expensive Indian food. (Everything is crazy expensive in Bermuda!)

All the houses/buildings are painted a bright color. Loved it.

Crystal Caves.

Rune and George of the Jungle.

What a cool place. So glad we got to visit the Kerrs during their Bermuda stint.