Broc handled posting duties this week

Middle Fork Snoqualmie River

Bridge to cross the river at the trailhead

Close up of some moss
Mini slug

Rune is obsessed with making shakes from frozen berries
Hey little sister...
Tacoma Glass Museum art studio
Tacoma Glass Museum
On the bridge of glass, Tacoma

Washington State History Museum
Mini train at the History Museum


Hello, Seattle

We have been enjoying a mellow January and are glad to spend time in the Great City of Seattle.

Including: GasWorks Park

Golden Gardens (I don't get the name, but whatever). Rune showing that everything has potential as a weapon and all pictures must include the wielding of said "weapon".
And finally: Lincoln Park. Almost a year and a half later and I am still amazed that this is only a mile from home.

Back home and back in love.


Arizona Winter

Sunny skies and 70 degree days every day...
Rune and his betrothed
The LaLa Club sings for Christmas
Most exciting Christmas gift ever
Enjoying a ride in the backyardTaliesen West [Frank Lloyd Wright]

Montezuma Castle and Tuzigoot [Sinagua Indians]

Arcosanti [Paolo Soleri and funky hippies]
After a long day on the roadMountain Biking at Usery
Bow and arrow
The kill

Going for a ride
View of Red Mountain on our ride
Top 5 Things I love about Arizona in no particular order
1. Winter
2. Citrus
3. Straight, wide, well-maintained Roads and Convenient Parking
4. Friends and Family
5. Desert Hiking and Biking