AZ in March

A quick trip to AZ for Anson & Kieren's wedding and my dad's birthday. And to meet some new family members, primarily Amy's baby, Jenna.

Meeting Grammie's new pet for the first time.

Trying out a jump on his quad for the first time.

Meeting Copper Kid for the first time.
Jenna meeting Great-Grandma Mimi for the first time.

The happy couple.

Sisters at the wedding
Grammie & Poppie shared their love of checkers with Rune.

Rune shared his beloved lobster with no one.
Perfect weather and fun trip, though it was too short.


Portland & Multnomah

A beautiful, sunny Saturday spent in Portland

It may be strange that one of the highlights of the trip was donuts...
but the Chaffees will understand.

Hidden are the cocoa puff donut, oreo donut, blue raspberry donut, devils food, etc, etc.
Janeece's favorite
I hate to say it, but this was GOOD. Voodoo Doughnuts- I will be dreaming of you until we meet again.

Other highlights:

This guy
Mt Hood

Pittock Mansion

Salvador Molly's (highly recommended if you have any respect, desire or tolerance for spice in your food). Plus their "dinner mints" are fireballs and lemonheads, so you have to love that!

Multnomah Falls
Rune inspecting the lower fallsPeering over the upper falls