New haircut, new house

Rune's annual haircut just in time for sunny weather and a JoySchool field trip to the zoo.
Better than the zoo- Grandpa Don and Grammie Kaye's place on Whidbey!

Grandpa Don is quite the knowledgeable naturalist. Always informative and interesting.
Even when things nibble at our toes.

And after a lengthy stretch in an apartment (hooray for no maintenance- boo to neighbor noise and no storage), we decided it was time for a house with a yard.

Roses from the yard looking out at the rhododendrons, Rune's climbing tree and bamboo (perfect for hiding in, making weapons, chopping down, etc).

And Rune (pre-haircut) down in the toy room with his latest Lego project.
Happy with a haircut and a house in Seattle!


Adam and Leticia said...

I'm so happy you guys were able to get into a house! It's adorable! Tell Rune his tower is AMAZING! Very cool. Love ya!

West Seattle Mapes said...

Kets, the house is adorable!! Take me up on that painting offer sometime, if you need it!

Kristi said...

Congrats on the cute new house! Very exciting!

ashley said...

Ketsy! That house is adorable! What area/neighborhood is it in?

Sommer said...

So Cute! I love your house, now I all I need is to visit in person! XO