May in Seattle

May has been a fun month to celebrate the 10th birthday of our family and enjoy time together in our corner of the world.

Family Bike Ride at Magnuson Park on Lake Washington.


Character Day at school

Someone has a serious drooling problem, but no teeth yet.

Late-bloomers in the front yard

Rune started baseball this month and hit a double in yesterday's game. Go Black Bears.

Dagny and I got to do a couple mid-week hikes with our friend Lisette. This is Rattlesnake Ridge, where there are no rattlesnakes.

Last week Dagny had her first taste of sand at Alki. We were celebrating the first day it has been above 70 degrees since November.
Laughing with Gabers at a Sounders match

Got in a quick hike with the Kerrs. Can you spot Broc at the base of North Fork Sauk Falls?

A night with Jimmy Eat World (D enjoyed herself by sleeping through the whole show)

We love you, older, thinner, and just-as-sweaty Jim.
And as of this week- Trouble.


Lisette said...

I love the character day at school. What a great idea for a kid's party.

Kieren said...

I love Rune as a puppy, as well as Dagny with the drool and sand. Your kids are adorable and we miss you all so much!

Becca said...

I first thought Dagny was hanging from the powerlines. Fortunately, it only LOOKS like she's hanging from the powerlines! Great pictures! And I'm cracking up about Dagny's sound mufflers.

*Leticia* said...

Wow! It seems like so much is going on! I love Dagny's bike seat and helmet and I have actually been looking at one for Celise. How do you like it? I love seeing pics of your family, just wish we got to see you live, in person, more often!

ashley said...

oh my gosh. if only drooling were an olympic sport!!! she is so cute...I can't wait till school is out so we can play some this summer!

Tawnya said...

Those mufflers are awesome. I am in awe at how out and about you guys are.

West Seattle Mapes said...

awesome, the earphones worked!!!! the were a big hit at sasquatch too!