Fall in the NW

Leaves are falling all around!
He's 7! Rune's birthday bowling

My mom came for a visit (!!) so we headed to Leavenworth to enjoy some bratwurst and fall colors.

Dagny + Daddy = Mutual Adoration

The things you might find in your son's desk at parent/teacher conference!
Poor girl. Poor Rune.

A much needed hike with the fam.

She's 1! She pulled her hairtie out just in time to get a fist full of cake mid-birthday song.

So happy

And thrilled with her new doggie

For Thanksgiving weekend we went to Whistler.

Got in a little snowboarding.

And a lot of hot-tubbing

If you haven't done it, the drive to Whistler should be on your bucket list. Gorgeous!

And for next month, look forward to some desert shots!