My early Christmas present
Visit to Santa, where Dagny loved the lights and was only mildly alarmed at the white-haired old man

Then we relocated to AZ for a break from winter. That's what Winter Break is for, right?

Horseback riding at Grandpa's

Christmas Eve Ice Skating with the Cooper cousins

Luke 2 with the Clarkson cousins

Christmas morning!

Enjoying gifts at Grammie & Poppie's

The ~triplets~ showing off their recent losses

A quick trip to the dunes

Broc's long lost love

Dagny up to her old tricks again

And back for the Wright House's 20th Anniversary Celebration, which means it was almost that long ago we started working there. eek.

Harley ride to Saquaro lake

New Years Eve with old friends

Weaver's Needle with some of my Girls
And just a quick flight later...
We are back to winter. Happy 2012, Seattle!