January Snow

The theme for January was snow.

We took a long and slow drive to Hurricane Ridge to snowboard in the snow.

We went snowshoeing in the snow.

Tested out LC's new tires in the snow.

Then the snow came to us, so we took out the recycling in the snow.

Went sledding with dear friends in the snow.

Stayed home from school to build snowmen in the snow.

Went for a walk at Lincoln Park in the snow.

Even drove to Canada... in the snow.

And then it melted. So we hiked up Baker Mtn (not to be confused with Mt. Baker) on Lummi Island for a sunset view of the San Juans.

And rang in the Year of the Dragon in Vancouver's Chinatown

Japadog- try it.

In more mundane news, this is the drive to school twice a day.

And Dagny is talking. Her favorite word is Brother- go figure.