Days I want to remember

The day the kids and I hiked Little Si in the sunshine
The day we ran to the Space Needle so we wouldn't miss the sunset (and saw a couple we had passed on Little Si earlier that day- I guess we act like tourists from Wisconsin after almost four years)

The day we brought home the girls

The day Nova led us on a wild chicken chase around the neighborhood for an hour (also the day after we brought her home)

The day we got our first egg!

The day Rune had his first real Little League game
The day we discovered Seabrook.

The day I got to play with my new camera while Dagny played in the sand

The day Rune skim-boarded in the Pacific

The day we joined the hordes for clamming
And turned these:

Into this:

The day we cruised the Seabrook neighborhood

And the beach

These are days I want to remember.