In Alaska you might...

Drive a lot of miles

Be lucky enough to be in the 30% Club 
(people who visit Denali National Park and actually see the mountain)

Have a run-in with a couple caribou

Take a lot of naps in the Ergo

Climb a mountain

Go for an evening drive (8:30 and the sun still high) to see the mountain again

And some animals

Go back into Denali the next day to see more animals

And more mountain

You might head south to visit a Musk Ox Farm

Wake up at 4 am to go fishing on the Deshka River

And catch a king salmon...

almost too big to hold.

You might also take a Kenai Fjords Cruise with some 40 year honeymooners you know.

And see lots of wildlife and amazing scenery, including;

Dall Porpoise

Resurrection Bay

Three Window Rock

Aialik Glacier

~As it calves~

Harbor Seals as they sunbathe

A Black Bear

Sea Otter

Bald Eagle and friends

Stellar Sea Lions

 and Humpback Whales

You might skip rocks on Fox Island while your salmon, prime rib, and king crab settle.

Or, you might hike to Byron Glacier

And at the end of your trip, see a license plate that sums it all up.