Lots of blue skies, camping, and hiking this month. I may need to consider a more-than-monthly post. ;)

Blue Angels came to visit.

Camping to see the meteor shower

Ended the camping trip in a precarious position (RIP LC)

Enjoyed the warm weather

Got to know tennis a little better

  SilverStar Trail near Portland

 Visits from grandparents

(yes, those are Broc's parents. I KNOW)

August means serious blackberry harvesting. Pints and pints of fabulous, free blackberries. And there are always more just out of reach.

My third segment of the Pacific Crest Trail this summer. It seems to be calling my name.

This section is Snoqualmie Pass, north of the 90.

Camping in Olympic National Park
Soleduck Falls
Major tree by Marymere Falls

And a gigantic octopus I spied with my little eye by the Dungeness Spit

August was filled with some gorgeous scenery and perfect weather. Now it is back to school, back to routine, back to basics (like bedtimes, for starters).