November News

Rune turned 8, so we jumped!

Even the old people got in on the action

With a day off, we took a hike to enjoy Fall in the large...

and the small.

 The salmon were spawning so we visited Fauntleroy Creek down the road.

We were not disappointed.

Thanksgiving and Dagny's birthday found us in AZ enjoying some remarkable weather.

Three Cheers for cousins.

Blowing out her ~candle~

 The sun was baking, so we swam.

A major event of the week was Rune's baptism. He got to share the day with Olivia & Isabella. 
This kid has brought and continues to bring us major happiness.

Family pictures

 Getting in the Christmas Spirit with the Byron Hendershotts at the Mill Lights Parade 
(in the warmest November night ever, I think)

 This month we said goodbye (again) to these people. They happen to be moving to London this time, so I don't think a visit would break my heart (even if it breaks the budget). There is no one quite like the Kerrs, and we are so glad they have put up with us sleeping on their blow-up mattress for the last 4 years and counting.

December- Christmas in Arizona! Counting on more sunshine and time with family.