What a May

Between my best friend coming to visit, as well as Broc's parents, we also had to squeeze in Broc's 35th birthday and our 12th wedding anniversary. Needless to say, it was a busy month!

Allison's visit was so fun! It was her first time visiting me here.

The most fun and memorable part was by far the segway tour we took of downtown. Those things are fun and hilarious at the same time.

Then we celebrated a milestone birthday by having a family pinewood derby.  

All the cars getting registered and weighed.

These two photos courtesy of our friend Tyler Welch. This one is a match-up between Rune's #3 to Gabe's #2

Happy Birthday to my man with a forever young heart.

Then our beloved Grammie and Poppie came to visit. We packed a lot into the week they were here. 

Drove to Eastern Washington.

Finally saw the impressive Palouse Falls (been on my list for a few years now).

The hike to the top of the falls was very pretty.

Rune enjoyed checking out the wildlife.

On the way to find a camping spot, we passed through the Columbia National Wildlife Reserve. 

Hotdogs and smores on the menu!

On the way home, we drove through Leavenworth...

spent time on Blackberry Island...

And swung by Deception Falls. All in a quick road trip.

Back at home we fed french fries to seagulls,

Visited the Gum Wall,

Checked out low tide in the rain,

And paddled around the Sound.

Whew! Tiring just rehashing it all. We loved having visitors and loved celebrating with our friends. Now we are ready for summer!


Leticia Clarkson said...

Wow! What a fun month! Busy is best. It's exhausting but compared to the memories and experiences you have, it's so worth it!

Love and miss you guys!

Kieren said...

Love it! That waterfall is out of this world!