Pacific Coast Road Trip

We spent the 4th of July week driving from Seattle to San Diego. We saw such beautiful places that were all new to us before making it to some very familiar and favorite stomping grounds.

Salt Creek Waterfall: the 2nd highest in Oregon

Crater Lake: Deepest Lake in the US. It is in a volcano and beautiful.

We made it into California for our first night of camping and river swimming.

Then the redwoods. What a place.

Even LC was overwhelmed by the size of trees 
(although still too tall for the drive-thru trees)

 This was our first peek of the Pacific in Crescent City, CA.

An elk herd was just some of the wildlife we saw on the drive.

Camping a second night with redwoods towering overhead.

Such impressive flora.

Quick stop in San Francisco (not including traffic to get out of the city)

For the views, Lombard Street, and sundaes, of course!

After saying goodbye to my mom, we spent the day at the 
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Highly recommend.

We did a LOT of driving on this trip, but luckily a good portion was through redwoods or looked like this:

We were surprised by this colony of elephant seals on the side of Highway 1. 
It turned out to be one of the highlights.

After 6 days on the road, we finally made it to the end of the road 
(until a few days later when we drove 21 hours straight to get home, I mean).
San Diego has been our favorite destination of choice for almost 12 years now. 
It was so good to get swimming, surfing, seafood, AND family all in one trip.

Waiting for the fireworks show on Shelter Island. I highly recommend San Diego for the 4th. The weather was perfect and the fireworks were spectacular spectacular.

What a trip! Lots of time in the car, but plenty of beautiful vistas to enjoy on the way. And seeing family was well worth it, not to mention the perfect weather.

Simple Pleasures in June

We watched and played a lot of this in June:

We also tackled this:

I relished these daily:

And this little guy won our hearts and then disappeared :(