September 2014

Labor Day was spent at Stevens Pass with the Serafins.

Downhill Biking Boys

Little Riders

Big Riders

School started for Rune.

My dahlias have been busy all month.


Evening fires at the beach were mandatory.

Dagny started *school*.

We watched some Husky football.

We hit the Washington State Fair.

My BFFs (truly, since we were children!) came to visit!

Amongst many other things packed into a few days, we hiked to Twin Falls,


...and saw Eddie Vedder! This was the one thing on my bucket list from when we originally moved to Seattle in 2008 that I hadn't done when we moved back to Arizona. Needless to say, I was thrilled to catch a glimpse of him at his beach house.

 And I was so thrilled that my girlfriends finally came for a visit!



August was good to us! 

Mariners' Game with Dave & Tracy in town

Beatles' tribute concert at The Mural

This kid walking and generally making us smile

Comet Falls and Paradise at Mt Rainier

Date night to downtown

And the August part of Labor Day weekend camping and fishing at Diablo Lake in the North Cascades

September coming soon!


Just July

This post will be as anticlimactic as they come, because first,
Family Pictures by the talented Aubry Startin

And now, the sunset from our house:

But how do you really feel about Dagny jumping in the shot?

Trying it out:

As seen at Cub Scout Day Camp. I just couldn't get over the fact that we were just behind some junior high in the middle of the city, and it looked like this:

Visit to the downtown waterfront to see the Parade of Ships for Seafair:

And Broc's new hobby for July, Homemade Rootbeer:

I told you it was anticlimactic. Hooray for July!


Back in the Saddle

We are back home in Seattle after almost a year home in Arizona. The past month we relished lots of simple pleasures and spent the 4th of July weekend living it up in Idaho.

But first, this is the new kid in town, Tor Larson Hendershott:

Pirates landing for SeaFair:

Settling into the new place:

Picking strawberries:

And later, raspberries:

Lovely evenings on the beach: 

 And a really great weekend in Idaho visiting the VanSteenkistes.

Fishing, Jet skiing, and Wakeboarding in Rexburg

A sunset cruise that ended with us stranded in the middle of the Snake River.

Crazy Brakeman in Victor

Horseback heaven for Dagny in Driggs

Views of the Tetons from Grand Targhee:

High times for all! 

Happy to be back in the 206!